The Asian Disc Dog Championship 2017

China Qualifier for USDDN World Finals 2018


Super Open Freestyle

Super Pro T&F

Novice Toss & Fetch

World Agility Open China Qualifier

Date: Nov 18-19, 2017

Location: Baby-House Pet Grooming & Training School, Chengdu

GPS Navigation: chengdu diewu limit feipan club,China

Head Judge: Veronika Urbaskova

Player Judge: Mona Hirai

Canine Judge: Kosuke Hirai

Execution Judge: Liu Xiaohong

Organizer: The Asian Disc Dog Association

Baby-House Pet Grooming & Training School

Event coordinator:Jimmy Chen


Tel: +86 28 85855311

Sponsor: Purina China Co., Ltd.


The Asian Disc Dog Championship is organised by the Asian Disc Dog Association ,which was founded by Yachi Hirai and Jimmy Chen in 2014. The ADDC 2014/2015 were hold in Chengdu and ADDC 2016 was done in Japan.

This year we will organise this game again in Chengdu on Nov 18-19, 2017. We welcome the disc dog players from Asia and the world to join us.

Meanwhile, the World Agility Open China qualifier will also be hold here in these two days, you will meet the best Chinese agility dogs and players and enjoy watching their runs.

Registration for the event:

1.       ADDC and USDDN China Qualifier

Date: Nov. 18-19.

Registration fee: 150 RMB for Super Open Freestyle, 150 RMB for Super Pro Toss & Fetch, 100 RMB for Toss & Fetch ( Novice ).

2.       USDDN Judge Training by Mona Hirai and Kosuke Hirai

Date: 19:00 – 22:00, Nov. 17

Registration fee: 800 RMB

3.       Disc Dog Skill Workshop by Mona Hirai and Kosuke Hirai

Date: Nov. 20-21

Registration fee: 2400 RMB

Remarks: All foreign players are warmly welcome and free of registration fees.


Importing and Exporting dogs for foreign players:

To get in ChinaYou will need a dog passport and health certificate signed by the official vet and stamped by the government of your country, also you need to bring with you the rabies vaccination record, microchip planting record.There is no quarantine at Chengdu airport, you just need to fill a form leaving a local contact information which we will give you later.

To get back to your country: You will need to bring with your document and dog, and do a health check in a officially recognized vet clinic, then you take the check paper to the China animal importing and exporting office for stamping. We will help you with the whole process of health check and paper stamping.


For Japanese players, pls contact Yachi Hirai for dog travel information.

For European players, the best route is to take the KLM direct flight from Amsterdam to Chengdu, you need to book with airline company for your travel with the dogs.

We will arrange free airport pickup and the transportation from your hotel to the event venue during the game days.


The two 4-star hotels below are all pet-friendly, they are both around 20 minutes drive to the airport, and 15 minutes drive to the event venue.

     1.    Chengdu  Xiyue hotel

Room rate: 60 USD per night.

Tel:860288572 9666

No .2 Guangdu Street,Shuangliu Chengdu,610200  P.R.China

2.     Guangdu international hotel

      Room rate: 55 USD per night.

Tel:(86 28)8059 9999

No.799 South 2nd Section of Zang Wei Road,Dong Sheng Street ,Chengdu,   China

The venue: